Buying a property is a huge financial decision! Work with someone who will help you accomplish your homeownership dreams.


Hi, I’m Cynthia. I’m passionate about empowering others through financial literacy and becoming your mortgage coach, delivering an exceptional client experience and establishing lifelong relationships.  It’s my pleasure to walk you through each step of the homebuying and mortgage processes throughout your time as a mortgage holder, taking into consideration both your short- and long-term goals.

More About Me

My journey in the mortgage industry began in 2001 as an underwriter, progressing through various senior positions within a major bank, monoline lender and default mortgage insurer, before finding my true calling as a mortgage broker. I’ve underwritten more than 11,000 mortgage applications, and reviewed and assessed more than 20,000 credit bureaus. I’ve been extensively trained on credit scores and what drives them, as well as property evaluation, and the overall ability to identify and mitigate risk on mortgage applications. I also have financial planning education, which further helps me ensure you’re being matched with an affordable mortgage to avoid becoming mortgage poor.

This extensive experience has paved the way for me to confidently find a vast array of borrowers a mortgage product and rate that best meets their specific needs.

I particularly enjoy working with first-time homebuyers and those who are new to Canada, as they’re among the most vulnerable, and I feel obligated to protect them by providing honest, knowledgeable advice throughout the entire process. I also thrive on working with self-employed borrowers, as I have extensive experience and training with financial statements that enables me to confidently underwrite these files.

Being able to help alleviate stress during the homebuying and mortgage processes is one of my favourite undertakings. It amazes me how quickly I can help ease stress on marriages, and assist people with their finances when they feel helpless. There’s nothing better than the feeling I get by helping people get into their home or cleaning up their finances through a refinance.

Located in Langley, I proudly serve all of beautiful British Columbia.

Have questions about your mortgage options? I’m here to help! | 604-787-5136

What I Do & How I Do It


Mortgage Education

I believe that in order for clients to feel confident about the mortgage process they need to be educated on all available options.  My goal is to guide you through the process so you can make an informed decision.

Home Purchase

If you’re looking to buy or build a property, chances are you will need to get a mortgage. With so many options and mortgage products available it is hard to know where to start. I’m here to guide you through the process.

Renewal or Refinance

If you’re looking to access some of the equity in your home or you have a mortgage that is up for renewal in the next six months, you have options! Often a quick phone call can result in huge savings.


I have developed excellent relationships with lenders across the country, let’s figure out which one has the best products for you.


Using Your RRSP To Help Buy A Home

Using Your RRSP To Help Buy A Home

Did you know that you can use your RRSP to help buy a home? In fact, you can, it’s called the RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan (or HBP for short). Here are a few things you need to know! It needs to be your first home (with some exceptions). Technically, you must not have owned...

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Mortgage Options Into Retirement

Mortgage Options Into Retirement

Although it’s ideal to have your mortgage paid off by the time you retire, in today’s economy, that isn’t always possible. The cost of living is considerably higher than it has ever been, and as a result, a lot of Canadians are putting off retirement, hoping to make...

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How Can I Pay Down My Mortgage Faster?

How Can I Pay Down My Mortgage Faster?

Although getting a mortgage is exciting as it allows you to become a homeowner, a mortgage is, in fact, a lot of debt. So if you have a mortgage, your goal should be to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here are four things you can do to help pay off your mortgage...

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"Perfect Broker to Work With"

Cynthia is amazing to work with! As a client, she takes the time to TRULY educate you, not only on mortgages, but everything else that comes along with it…including additional costs you may not think of.

She is charismatic, knowledgeable, and truly puts her clients first. Her background in underwriting mortgages, as well as management positions makes her the perfect broker to work with.


MELISSA TOTH, Co-operators

"Very Personable"

As a Realtor®, I don’t hesitate to recommend Cynthia to my clients. She is very experienced, knowledgeable, thorough and works very hard for her clients to find them the best financing possible. Cynthia is also very personable and a delight to work with.


Candy Ashdown, RE/MAX


"Wealth of Knowledge"

Cynthia Dreger is an invaluable asset in your pursuit of buying a home. She painstakingly went through strata minutes with us to ensure we were as informed as possible before making an offer and securing our mortgage. We are so thankful for Cynthia’s wealth of knowledge and couldn’t have made the decision to purchase our home without her!


Melissa Davis (Review from Facebook)